1291 dankbar

zufriedenheit ist eine milde gabe
schwebt wie ein blatt vom baum
legt sich unverhofft wie eine zweite
balsamhaut über meine seele

© Marion, 31.07.2015

1292 Kalifornischer Goldmohn Mischung_Escholzia californica

contentment is a mild gift
hovers down like a leaf from the tree
covers my soul unexpectedly
like a second balm skin

© Marion, 31.07.2015



2 Gedanken zu „dankbar

    • Thank you for your stop and comment here. It brings me joy.
      Sorry for my unpracticed and perhaps starched English style. Whats the difference between grateful and thankful? Is there a difference?

      You said right: The beauty is free for my eyes. And I like to share it through my blog by photos. In German we say: Shared joy is double joy.

      I visited your blog and in a way I responded to it. In another way, during reading I had inner question marks. I suppose, my English isn’t good enough at the moment, to get the full meaning of your contents.

      Gefällt 1 Person

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